Tuesday, 6 February 2007

cheddarvision.tv » Live Westcountry Cheddar

.. so this has got to be one of the stranges projects I've ever been involved in.. but one of the most amazing nonetheless!

On January 1st 2007 we ( on behalf of a client ) put a webcam live, trained on a real, fresh block of Westcountry Farmhouse Cheddar.

The idea? To allow people to see how much time and effort goes into a properly matured lump of cheese.

Boring? Apparantly, according to some of the blogs and forums I've seen, but not quite as boring as watching paint dry.

Anyway today, around 4pm GMT, the story hit Reuters!

The Reuters text reads:
Already nearly 49,000 people have clicked on to www.cheddarvision.tv to enjoy
the thrill.

... thing is, it's now about 7pm and over 63'000 people have been to have a look. That's 14'000 folk in three hours..

Just goes to show there's nothing more important going on in the world!! ;-)

I have to say we're lucky enough that the guys from this very dairy have a stall at the farmers market outside our office every Saturday morning so I can tell you first hand it's pretty delicious cheese :-)

Anyhoo... why not take a look - it is remarkably addictive.


PS. Anyone who wants a desktop-widget version - yelp... I'm trying to encourage myself to find the time!

Update : 10th February 2006

- Strangest thing happened... it hasn't let up... in fact we've had so much interest we had to distribute some of the load out the docklands to a dc in Frankfurt.. ( Pipex's switches are 10Mbps and couldn't cope! )

... anyhow at the time of writing - Saturday lunchtime - we're nudging ¼Millon!? :-/

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